I am really loving red accents at the moment. It is just such a bold and happy color. I was always told that as a blonde I could pull of red but to be honest I look horrible in it. So, my home will have to wear it for me instead--or better yet my office.

(via Living Etc.)

(via Homes and Garden)

(via Better Homes & Gardens)


i love these rooms! the red & beige combo is so chic with the lovely wallpaper creating a focus point. the red & white is so clean, modern & bold. Can't decide on a favorite, i love them all! :)
Courtney said…
It's funny because I've found myself falling for the same type of red (almost a bright, cherry red) in home decor lately! Not that I don't like red, but I never envisioned myself as a red interiors type of person.

I love these rooms- the lamp in photo 1 is so great, the wallpaper in photo 2 is beautiful, and I love all the red organizing containers on the shelves in photo 3!
Tina D. Ballard said…
Brilliant photo captured you have done here, thanks . Image Cut Out
Robert Smith said…
Wow! Nice decoration. I like it so much

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