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I was buying more paper for my holiday card project and saw yet ANOTHER 2009 calendar that I am quite fond of. It is letterpress and from Paper-Source. I really like the way that it captures the spirit of each month in images, some obvious and some not as much. I especially like the umbrellas for April showers!


Anonymous said…
Very pretty designs.
georgia b. said…
oh, goodness! what a lovely blog you have.

thank you for commenting on mine, for it is the reason i found yours.

i'll be back.

ps. i LOVE LOVE LOVE everything at Paper Source!

can't wait to see your holiday card project.
Blair Friedeman said…
Thank you! I will be sure to share the cards when they are complete--I am trying to do what I did last year, little holiday paper collages, but actually send them out this year(I got nervous at the last minute that they were silly-girls!)
Hello guy ,
These are looking very nice . Love your posting here . Cut Out Image
Robert Smith said…
Very creative works. I love these so mcuh

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