Morrocan Luxury in Stockholm

I can't seem to stay away from gold lately! This is the home of Annika Fast in Stockholm, as featured via Skona hem. I was just blown away way by all the luxurious details!

I love all the gilded accessories on the shelves and the visual interest the feathers add.

The oversize paisley print wallpaper is the perfect backdrop to such an ornate mirror.

Ok, how comfortable does this room look? The colors and the fabrics just make me want to curl up with some peppermint tea and a good book. I also adore the mismatched picture frames.


georgia b. said…
that second pic!!! wow! i adore that paisley wall paper, and i love how the clothes are hanging on the wall as art.

very nice. you've actually made me crave peppermint tea, here--and i hardly ever drink peppermint tea.
Blair Friedeman said…
If only cloths thrown on the bed could be considered art!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your comment on Ricky's picture. It's been a year, and it still makes me sad to think about.

I love gold too. I have so many vintage pieces that I want to find something that won't make my bedroom look like a museum lol I love that fuschia colored throw on the sofa. It really brightens up the room!
christina said…
That's fantastic. I especially love the first picture. The colors and all the accessories are wonderful!
Tammana said…
So nice both of these image . Like your photo captured . Cut Out Image

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