j.crew for luggage?!

The only handbags I have ever purchased from J.Crew are madras beach totes. I was just looking for some new sweaters online and felt inclined to click on the handbags link and seriously thought I was transported to another store! Maybe I am really out of the loop ( living in Wyoming can do that to you!) but I was stunned at the selection of not only clutches and purses but the gorgeous classic leather luggage. These suitcases make me want to try to get over my fear of flying so I can rationalize the purchase of one!


this is so beautiful, it's to die for! I love the white/cream one, are these beauties expensive?
Blair Friedeman said…
I just love how classic they are. Unfortunately, they are a little pricey ($1,000+)! Great item for a Christmas list:)
I fell in love when I saw this luggage as well. It is gorgeous and expensive.
thanks for replying blair! at least expensive also means it is of top quality ;) I'll take the LV luggage range off my list to put this on to buy someday! :)
Anonymous said…
I have seen the J.Crew luggage first hand. While it is stunning, it is quite expensive. I can't imaging having it tossed around my airline security.
Courtney said…
Their luggage is incredibly beautiful. Unfortunately, I don't see any coming into my hands in the near future, but a girl can always dream!
Robbin K. Ochoa said…
Wonderful to see these bags . Like and admire your post . Cut Out Image

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