hint of glam for the kitchen

Loving the idea of a chandelier in the kitchen. It just adds a flair of sophistication, glamour and a little something unexpected to a typically utilitarian space. It is a room I never thought to have one in until perusing Eric Cahan's portfolio and now I don't think I will be able to stop thinking about it!

(via Eric Cahan)


Courtney said…
Oh, the kitchen is gorgeous, and I like the inclusion of the chandelier as well.
Blair Friedeman said…
isn't it!? I love all the counter space,the glass cabinents and the gigantic butcher block!
I am all for sophistication & glamour! what a great idea, I adore chandeliers and would happily put it anywhere!

loving the sleek black cabinets too!
georgia b. said…
Blair--I finally did my post that you tagged me for!

Sorry it took so long.
Anonymous said…
That chandelier above the island is really spectacular. I love those dark cabinets too!
Wonderful decoration always my choice. Nice kitchen , Thanks . Cut Out Image

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