feathered feet

Ok, so much for blogging within my means today but these shoes were too beautiful to ignore:

(from Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik via snippet and ink)


Anonymous said…
AHHHHH! These are only the most stupendous shoes in the history of the universe. I loved the shoes I wore for my wedding in August but if I had known about either of these (especially the louboutins, I'm a sucker for that red sole!) I would for sure have worn these down the aisle. I had feathers of this exact colour in my bouquet...

Oh well, guess I'd better have an encore wedding just so I can rock these babies ;)
Blair Friedeman said…
Aren't they! I can't stop staring at them. Oh, I would love to see that bouquet! Sounds beautiful. And I LOVE the idea of encore wedding!:)
georgia b. said…
so cute!

you should check out the shoes my twin sister found at a second hand store and almost bought.

go here:

um, these are too good to be true!! - I figure if you can't afford to buy them, at least we can blog about them.... ok, really not the same as owning them but it's better than nothing! he he x
Blair Friedeman said…
Kimberlee-I could not agree with you more!!
Ruth J. Beck said…
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