dining by fire

(Veere Grenney Associates)
I adore fires! The second it drops below 40 degrees I just crave them and I have actually gotten pretty good at starting them (something I am quite proud of!). My fireplaces have always been in the living room so I usually find myself skipping the dining room table and eating dinner as close as possible to the fires heat. This is not the easiest or most appropriate place to eat which is what I think it is so brilliant to have a fireplace right in the dining room! Any of these rooms will do just fine but I am especially in love with room above by Veere Grenney Associates (I just love the mirrored panels above the fireplace, those gorgeous moldings and the stunning chandelier!!!).

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i love the lime green chairs in the 2rd photo, gorgeous vibrant colour!

btw you've been tagged! more details on my blog, i hope i'm not too late!
Anonymous said…
A gorgeous round up! These make me long for a fireplace of my own---not only for fires but because I just love the display opportunities that mantles provide!

I'm trying to convince my inlaws to get rid of their ugly brick fireplace surround and replace it with a reclaimed marble one from an old mansion...I think they're warming up to the idea (no pun intended!)
Blair Friedeman said…
Oh, wow. I think that is a fabulous idea to push them on!

My new place has a wood burning stove that puts off the same heat but the experience is just not quite the same!
Courtney said…
Oh my goodness, I love the top room, but they really all look lovely!

And fireplaces in dining rooms are fantastic! A few years ago, my mom swapped rooms at their house so that the dining room now has the fireplace (the living room and dining room were mostly open to each other, side-by-side,) and I love it so much more that way!
Helen J. Selby said…
Each decorations are looks blowingly . Like these all . Cut Out Image

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