London Calling: Daysford Organic

My imaginary trip to London would not be complete without mention of some adorable cafe and as luck with have it I just stumbled upon Dayslford Organic over at {Frolic}. They have many organic cafes and store locations around the city-all equally charming and unique! They even have their own creamery that boasts award winning aged cheddar.

If you, like me, cannot get to London and visit the stores in person you can try one of their many recipes online-the pumpkin & chestnut soup with truffles sounds amazing!


Anonymous said…
Doesn't it just look fantastic? I spend forever looking through all their food. I loved the over the top Christmas hamper for almost $4000!
Blair Friedeman said…
I know! Everything looks so mouthwatering and perfect!
Lizzie said…
Blair, you need to go to London! Just knock yourself out on the plane with some Tylenol PM, it'll be over before you know it!
Blair Friedeman said…
Thank you Lizzie! I am so tempted to just that but I may need more than Tylenol PM!
All are amazing here . Like and appreciate your post . Cut Out Image

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