London Calling: Get out the Crayons

For the past few weeks I have been dying to go to London! Now, I have never been to Europe for good reason--being in a plane for more than a couple of hours (at all really) is horrifying to me! So, in order to avoid an anxiety attack, at least for now, I am going to take a my blog to international for a few posts and see how it goes. Today is about an very cool London based company called Mini Moderns--created in 2004 out of the need for more inspiring and modern children's decor. Their line of products became even more amazing when they recently introduced "colour me" wallpapers. Yes, they it is actually wallpaper and a coloring book in one! The two patterns they currently produce:

So embrace your inner child and get out your pencils, felt tip markers or crayons and start doodling!


Doris S. Smith said…
All are looking amazing . Thanks a lot for shared this on public . Cut Out Image

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