True Fashion + Function

My parents were just visiting me out here in Jackson Hole and my mom always nicely leaves some of her clothing that I pine for behind for me. Her last visit she left me with an adorable zebra striped Tory Birch tunic and this time it was just as good - another pair of OkaB shoes. I have purchased about 3 pairs of these shoes from a store in Lake Forest, B. Dragonfly, and today I was excited to see that I can also get them online. These shoes are wonderful - they truly embody practicality, as they are not only fashionable (my boyfriend actually compliments them!) and well priced (they average $30) but the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn. I am very hard on both shoes and purses and these stand up to anything from mud puddles to dog chewing. These shoes can ever go in the dishwasher!!! Check them out:


All are excellent . Like these all style . Cut Out Image

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