"Celebrating Light"

I am sorry it has been so long since I have posted but I have been bogged down with event after event. This past Saturday we hosted our annual community picnic and had the biggest hail and thunderstorm of the year. We were sure this would mean that no one would come but we actually had about 600 people show up! I spent the might ankle deep in hail ( truly!) trying to fix the tent that almost collapsed, in hay lofts and traipsing through puddles trying to keep the bands power cords from being completely submerged in water! The night did feature some sunlight in the form of an oil painting up for silent auction from a local artist, Kathy Turner's, art show called "Celebrating Light". Her show opens tonight at the Trio Fine Art Gallery and should not be missed. From what I have seen it looks like her finest work yet!

Some past works by this beautiful and vibrant young artist:


Edna D. Parsons said…
Good horse painting . Great thanks for shared this here . Cut Out Image

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