Local Style: Fashion + Function

In Jackson Hole there are definitely distinctive groups of people, especially when it comes to style. All of the styles here are fun and unique but todays post is dedicated to the outdoor enthusiast. For this group of people style it is all about functionality. These are some staple items you would likely find in their closet that keep them not only sporty but chic.

This is Patagonia version of the little black dress. Their Morning Glory dress is not only flattering but made of incredibly comfortable Jersey knit.

A true marriage of fashion and function, this flirtatious baby blue skirt from Cloudveil is made specifically for trail running and mountain biking.

AUDREY sunglasses from Smith, a favorite sunglasses brand of locals. These stylish glasses also come with a lifetime warranty--I don't think Gucci is very likely to offer that!

In addition to keeping time and looking cool this bright red watch from Suunto keeps a memory log of your activities - such as duration, your altitude, and how high you climbed up the Grand Teton. It also has a barometer to alert you of any weather changes, since here in the mountains it can change in an instant and snow is a possibility everyday of the year.

Most girls in Jackson are quite the yogis and for them the apparel from Prana is the only way to practice and I have to agree. I love their Lola Sport top, which comes in 10 playful patterns such as Tangerine Taj (below left) and Tangerine Pebble (below right).


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