Getting Blocky With It {Study of Contrast}

When the boyfriend is away, the blocks will play--while he is soaking up the sun and shore of Rio de Janeiro I get free reign over the kitchen table. Which means that some boring cotton fabric was given a new life over the weekend and my hands have been left in need of an intensive manicure. You see, when it comes to "handcrafted" textiles I pretty much take the most labor intensive approach and  hand paint (with a stencil brush) every single block I carved before pressing them in to the fabric. Although very cathartic, this is not the approach that leaves ones hands paint free--a labor of love, I suppose!
But all the paint built up under my nails is well worth the  joy I feel admiring the tablecloth that is now draping my kitchen table...at least until the next project takes place. 


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Caixas de Correio said...

Small details, big differences. I loved the idea and I will do it in my house.

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